Legend Of Crystal Lake Series Updates

Things are moving at a break-neck pace for the creators of the bew Web Series, Jason: The Legend Of Crystal Lake. Over at their Facebook page, they have been revealing some new information and possible props to be used for the episodic prodcution. Choose your weapon, take a chance to be in a webisode and catch a small glimpse of the new Mrs. Voorhees!

First, we will get to the open casting call information. If you live in northern Nevada and would like to participate in the production, please send the Producers a message at the shows Facebook page. If you are not a Facebook kind of person, leave a comment below and a member of the show's team will come into the website here and help get he ball rolling.

Next, we may have a departure from the traditional machete that Jason has used in the film series. Pictured below is a possoble new machete will use to greet the happy campers of Crystal Lake. Compare the new machete with the traditional instrument and see what you think. Could you see Jason wielding the sleeker model? Hey, he did it in Jason X!

Lastly, a new Mrs. Voorhees has been chosen for the web series and below is a very small peek at the actress who will be portraying the character. We will try to get a better image of her soon. In the mean time, stay with us here and at the official Facebook page for all news pertaining to Jason: The Legend Of Crystal Lake!
Check out the production log to see the progression of the web series from the beginning all of the way to the end!