Exclusive: Camp Opens This Friday May 13th

For almost 30 years, fans of Friday The 13th 1980 have longed to visit the "holy ground" of the film franchise. The one problem with visiting the original filming location is that the camp is owned by The Boy Scouts Of America. What's the problem, you may wonder? Well, the BSA does not feel that a horror movie fits well with the program at the camp, so fans have been discouraged from visiting the camp ground.

 Last year, this writer contacted Camp No-Be-Bo-Sco, the Summer camp used to film Friday the 13th 1980. The purpose was to request that the Boy Scouts of America think about setting up tour dates and times for fans of the film series to be able to visit the filming location. Other fans have submitted similar requests in hopes of gaining the opportunity to see Mrs. Voorhees' old stomping grounds. Well, our requests have paid off!

We were contacted via email tonight to tell us to inform the fans that the camp will be opening to tour for one day only. And of course, it will be on a Friday the 13th. This Friday May 13th, a lucky set of 100 fans will have the opportunity to tour the campgrounds of the most infamous slasher film in cinematic history. Details are listed below.

  • 100 tickets will be auctioned for a one-time camp tour event on Friday, May 13th, 2011.
  • Check-in will begin around 11 am on Friday, May 13th, 2011 (exact time TBD).  The camp will NOT be open before this time.  Every attendee MUST have a ticket.
  • Small groups of attendees will embark on a personalized guided tour of the grounds.  You'll visit all of the locations that have been made famous on television and film.
  • The event will end at 4pm to prepare the camp for incoming youth campers.
The auction tickets will start at $100. More details on the auction and other information will be provided in the coming weeks. To view even more about this rare experience, visit the tour information page at the camp website!
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