Friday the 13th: The Obsession Promo Material Soon?

As excitement is building for the release of new Friday the 13th web series this Summer, fans want to see more about what to expect from these new fan offerings. Timberwolf Entertaiment's Friday the 13th: The Obsession promises a unique episodic experience that will channel the essence of Jason Voorhees. So, when can we expect to see promotional items for the web series?

Just announced on the production companies website today, Timberwolf plans to release a teaser trailer and new teaser poster in April for the new web series. Keep an eye out for the release of those media here in the near future. For more info on the web series, we have that listed below.

Friday the 13th: The ObsessionWeb Series Scheduled To Be Online Summer 2011
Production Company Website
Facebook Page

Obsession is about a obsessed fan of the Friday the 13th series, taking on Jason's persona, so the actual 'Jason Voorhees' is only in 2 or 3 major sequences, and in scattered visions throughout...  with the 'pseudo' Jason taking on the killings in much of the rest of it.