Director Jason Baker Interviewed For Savini's Smoke And Mirrors

A few weeks ago we brought you news about a brand new documentary featuring Tom Savini about his life and work in the special effects industry. Many friends of Savini, who also happen to be major players in film and special effects, will be telling there tales of knowing Savini and working with him in films. Recently, the director of the documentary, Jason Baker, was interviewed about bringing the experience to life.

The documentary contains interviews with friends of Savini such as Night Of The Living Dead Director George Romero as well as former collaboraters in make-up effects Greg Nicotero and Howard Berger. The doco does not have a release date as of yet, but when news comes down about a release date, we will let everyone know.

Dread Central recently sat down with Jason and asked him how he got into filmmaking and why he decided to create such a in-depth endeavor. Below is an excerpt of the interview as well as the trailer for Smoke and Mirrors. We will bring you more news on this film when it us made available.

DC: What was his reaction to the idea of the documentary?

JB: At first, I think Tom was like, “Ok, great… whatever. You kids have fun with whatever you’re doing.” I think he thought it was going to be like a little ten minute student final. When I pitched it to him, I told him that I wanted to do it feature length because how else do you show sixty-four years of just a regular human’s life, but him being such an iconic person not only in the horror genre, but in film itself? There’s been things like SCREAM GREATS and a lot of little behind the scenes DVD documentaries done on Tom, but nobody’s ever really talked to him about where he truly came from or what it was like and that was the angle we pitched to him and that’s what I think really caught him off-guard.

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