Friday the 13th 2009 Czech DVD Cover Art

With Scream 4 being released in theaters in a couple of weeks, fans of that movie franchise have been up in arms about the fact that the official posters have not been featuring cast headshots as Scream 2 and Scream 3 theatrical posters did. It's one thing that the Friday the 13th films franchise have avoided on posters and DVD artwork, until now.

There were a few different covers created for the release of Friday the 13th 2009 throughout the different countries that were prepared to release the Crystal Lake reboot on DVD and Blu-Ray. Most home video releases displayed similar artwork, depending on the viewing format (DVD or Blu-Ray). However, the Czech Republic release of Friday the 13th 2009 to DVD went with an all too familiar artwork design, very reminiscent of Scream.

Below is the DVD sleeve insert for the Czech Republic release. The design is actually very well done and gives a unique edge to the film that quite frankly was very lacking in what was used in other releases worldwide. What do you think of this design? Would you prefer this over what was used in the U.S.?