Web Series Updates With New Jason Voorhees Pics

We reported last week that a brand new web series, named Jason: The Legend of Crystal Lake, was going into production soon and that the web series was going to answer a lot questions laid forth in the original Paramount movies. Today we have an update on the production and it brings fans their first glimpse of the look of Jason Voorhees. The filmmakers are touting that Jason's look will be a cross between many looks of Jason from the Paramount films of the 1980's. Lets see what you think.

Below are the first photos of what Jason will look like in the film. These are early sculpt images and are in no way the absolute final product. That being said, I thin fans will be able to make out distinguishing features that have been trademarks of Jason Voorhees' appaearance throughout the films. So, take a look and let us know your thoughts on this new incarnation of Jason.

Jason: The Legend of Crystal Lake
Filming Begins Friday May 13, 2011
This show will have the feel of of the first 4 friday movies, the same brand of comedy, with more detailed kills. Jason is a bit more realistic and things you never thought needed explaination get an in depth explaination. you will learn more about Jason in this show than any Friday the 13th movie ever released. This story will focus on Jason! this is all the info about this that we will post for now, however there will be more soon."

Production Updates