Friday the 13th Part 2 Anniversary Package Coming

Last year, Horror T-Shirt company Creepy Tees produced a 30th Anniversary package commemorating the 30th Anniversary of the release of Friday the 13th 1980 in theaters. The package came in a uniquely designed box which contained a shirt and mini poster with artwork displaying all of the victims from the film. The poster had signatures from three stars of the film, Adrienne King, Ron Milkie and Ari Lehman.

The package also contained a raffle ticket to win a screen-used shirt from Jason X. The raffle took place last October and a winner was chosen. It was also hinted last year that a new anniversary packge may be on its way. Well, Creepy Tees sent out a new email today and confirmed the hint that was laid out to fans last year.

Below is a portion of the email that was sent out:

We have some big things coming in the months ahead, including some new designs and we will also be releasing two of our popular "Anniversary Edition" packages. And while we are keeping quiet about what the first one is, let's just say..."The Body Count Continues". Stay tuned.

It seems as though the Anniversary Package will continue, so check back for more information in the coming weeks to see what the design and contents will be for Friday the 13th Part 2!