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The Discussion Forum has been a work in progress over the last month. The idea of a forum was not even a thought of being created when this site went online in late December. However, it became increasingly clear through visitor communication that it was a necessary component for the website to have. The goal was to create something unique that no other website utilizes for a forum.

The decision was made to use a wiki based application that would not only serve as the hub for information on the entire film series, but also link in that information with a discussion forum. What visitors have now is a place to not only discuss the films and the series, but a reference point for everything Friday the 13th. The forum is indeed different from what most people are use to using, which is sure to have turned some visitors away from using the feature. However, traffic has been picking up there lately, so it looks as though people are getting the hang of it!

The number one comment that is received lately is that there is not dedicated forum for posting fan creations, so today that has been added to the forum. Please visit the forum and see everything that has been discussed in the last month. Everyone is encouraged to join in as it will be a friendly place to hang out and talk about the best slasher franchise on the planet!

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