Mark Wessler's Other Vintage Friday the 13th Poster

Last November I wrote about a very cool retro poster that was created for Friday the 13th 1980. The poster was created by Mark Wesler, a cartoonist that has been busy creating 1960’s/1970’s style posters of today’s most popular films. He has created posters that range from Nightmare On Elm Street to Disney’s Tron. His original “vintage” poster for Friday the 13th 1980 contains a silhouette of Alice in a boat on the lake and is a simple yet effective image to accompany the original film’s tagline.

The one knock on the poster, however, is the use of the hockey mask in the background. Of course, the mask does not fit with the 1980 film at all since there was no hockey mask in the whodunit slasher.

The original "vintage" poster was sold almost immediately following my story back in November, however Mark Wesler created a new variation on his original incarnation. Whereas his first Friday the 13th poster showcased the original logo font for the promotional title of the film, his newest version goes completely retro with the font for the title of the film. Mark also changed the original font of the tag line at the top of the poster to the more retro font styling.

Check out the posters below for the comparison and make sure to visit Mark's store to purchase yourself the retro goodness of Friday the 13th 1980!

First "vintage" poster that sold out in November 2010

Newest Version of the poster with retro font that is available in 11" x 17"