Friday Sequel Leaked Death Revisited

Last June, Bloody Disgusting leaked a part of the proposed Friday the 13th sequel script that Damion Shannon and Mark Swift apparantly turned into Warner Bros. The leaked death scene caused quite a stir for many reasons. One, the death scene was interpreted by some fans to be too commercial and "MTV". Others felt leaking the scene meant the script then was not being used by the studio at all.

We won't know how Bloody Disgusting saw the script or why they were allowed to, but one thing is for certain, fans just want to see this sequel get made. This sentiment is a far cry from Platinum Dunes other horror icon reboot, A Nightmare On Elm Street, where most fans of that series want no part of a sequel at all.

Below is the death scene from the yet to-be-announced Friday the 13th sequel. Make your assumptions and let us know if you think this has a place in the Friday the 13th universe!

Death Scene
In one sequence a teen is using a camera to see in the dark. That’s when Jason Voorhees appears. While being slaughtered by Jason, the flash of the camera continues to go off (creating a strobe effect) as body parts fly all across the screen (presumably in 3-D)