Kane Hodder Photos For New Book Kill!

Author Mike has been busy with Kane, continuing to collaborate on writing the book Kill! as well participate in a photo shoot for the cover of the book, which is due in stores this October. On Monday, a photo of Kane and Mike was posted on Kane's website from the shoot and today a new journal entry was added to the book's website.

The journal entry tells an all too familiar tale of Kane and his mission to scare the living daylights out of our poor author. There is also some info on the process that was gone through to set up the photo shoot for the book cover. This book is shaping up to be a very interesting and entertaining read and the pics that were released of the photos shoot should get people excited.

To find out all about Kill! The True Story of the World’s Most Prolific, Cinematic Killer, visit http://www.kanehodderkills.com/. Look for the book to be released on October 1, 2011!