Filming Locations: Friday the 13th 2009, Gas Station

Continuing our look at filming locations, our focus shifts to Friday the 13th 2009. One of the few scenes that took place away from the wooded areas of Crystal Lake was that of the gas station that the teenaged group stops at in the beginning of the film. Most fans know by now that the newest film was shot in Texas, but where exactly in Texas were the scenes filmed?

A long time Friday the 13th fan, who resides in Japan, has communicated with this writer over the years and has been gracious enough to share filming locations that he finds. Daizab found the gas station location in early 2010 and posted a number of pics and information at his website.

Below is the address and coordinates for the gas station which is actually called 'Bubbas'. The film screen caps are on the left and the location images are on the right.

11626-11698 Farm to Market Rd 1826, Austin 78739, TX, USA
30.1941306967, -97.9241671015