Friday the 13th Retribution

Friday the 13th: Retribution is a fun fan film that delivers on the entertainment of horny teens at camp running from Jason Voorhees. As any great Friday the 13th film has had in the past, this fan effort boasts fun characters and inventive kills. There is humor involved in this film and it is used effectively with a balance of horror and gore for the avid genre fan.

Produced By: 13th Day Productions
Directed By: Brendan Gilday
Written By: Brendan Gilday
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When four teenagers go to an old camp to clean it up for a boy scout group they decide to party instead of clean. Unfortunately for them it is Camp Crystal Lake, home to the infamous Jason Voorhees

The video quality for this film is actually quite good and sound mixing is decent. Sit back and enjoy a more humurous and light-hearted take on Jason Voorhees!

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