Winner Annoucement: Jason Takes Manhattan Figure

It has been a very busy two weeks in realtionship to the joint contest with One's Customs and Friday the 13th: The Film Franchise. We have received gigantic amount of entries and One's Customs and this website thank you very much for your participation! So, lets get down to it. As promised, we are going to announce the winner of the contest.

After collecting almost 300 entries with correct answers, the winner of the contest is:


The winner has been contacted via email to send in their mailing address. If for some reason we do not hear back from them in the next couple of days, a new winner will be chosen. For those who would like to know the answers to the trivia questions, they are listed below. Big thanks goes to One's Customs for providing his awesome talent for the chance for a lucky fan to own the figure.

Look for new contests to be announced in the future........ starting tomorrow!

Questions and Answers

1. How is Jason resurrected in Jason Takes Manhattan?
    By electricity, when the underwater power line his body is laying on is contacted by the anchor of the boat that Jim and Suzie are on.

2. Which main character in Part 8 was portrayed by one actor and then replaced only after 1 week of filming with another?

    The character is Sean Robertson. Scott Reaves was brought on only a week after principal photography began as the other actor, Lee Coleman, was not working out.

3. What is the name of the ship the students sail out on in Part 8.

    S.S. Lazarus

4. Which character's death scene in Part 8 was reshot and also with a different actor potraying Jason other than Kane Hodder?

    The boxer that sparred with Julius, who would eventually be killed in the sauna with a sauna rock, was originally shown dead with darts in his eyes.

5. Who is Renee seeing visions of on the ship and in Manhattan?

   Young Jason Voorhees

6. What weapon does Julius grab from the pile of weapons collected by the students on the ship in Part 8?


7. In New York, what does Jason kill the gang banger/wannabe rapist with?

    A drug syringe

8. At what time does the sewer flush out with toxic waste in New York in Part 8?


9. After the toxic waste hits Jason in the sewer, in the finale, what else was coming out of Jason's mouth besides water in the cut scene found on the Deluxe DVD released in 2009?

    A young Jason Voorhees was trying to crawl out of Jason mouth. (An awful idea, by the way)