Website Upgrade, New Facebook And A Giveaway

We are trying to increase the user experience at our website by creating an interactive environment for Friday the 13th fans that is different to the conventional message forums and static websites. In doing so, we have added a brand new interactive toolbar that links the website to Youtube, Facebook, Twitter and a community chat utilizing the aforementioned social network websites. Speaking of social networks, a brand new Facebook page has been created specifically for this website.

The New Interactive Toolbar

The first thing to discuss is the Wibiya interactive toolbar. This toolbar has been seen on a number of websites recently, so some of our visitors may very well be aware of its capabilities. However, for those that are not aware, here is a brief overview. The red toolbar at the bottom of the website will allow you to join in a community chat utilizing your Facebook, Twitter, Myspace or Yahoo accounts. This feature will be used in a group activity in the near future. In the mean time, everyone should take advantage of this chat and talk about your favorite slasher series!

Also on the interactive tool bar is the ability to view the website's Twitter and Facebook communications without leaving this website. you can even place comments on those social network websites without leaving here. You can also retweet an article you like here or send an email about this website. Another cool feature within the red interactive toolbar is the ability to view all of the videos compiled over the last year pertaining to the Video Saturday Review weekly spot. These videos date back to the old website and give our visitors the ability to watch any of the collection of videos right here without leaving our website!

The other notable feature on the toolbar is the ability to switch languages for this website. Now, it is a machine translation, so the context and sentence structure may not always make sense to a native speaking person from a respective country, but at least now, foreign visitors will have an opportunity to read the news rthat is posted here!

New Facebook For Friday the 13th: The Film Franchise

For the better part of two years the owner of this website has been using his personal Facebook account to relay stories he was writing about the franchise to the fans on Facebook. These stories previously were posted on another website and now that the owner runs and operates this very website, the decision was made to have an offical Facebook account brandishing the site logo and contact email address. The new Facebook is linked already to the new interactive toolbar at the bottom of the website. Please visit to see what we have completed so far, and it's not much yet.

What does this mean for the owner's current Facebook account and updates there? The website updates will still be posted there for the time being, until just about everyone that is following jasonfury's Facebook account now has made the jump over to the official Facebook of this website. And speaking of getting people to find and become Friends at the new Facebook account...........

The Giveaway

Since we are bringing in new visitors to this website everyday now, the thought was to give a little bit of an incentive to those who may be on the fence about this whole following websites on Facebook thing. Well, here is the deal. Everybody that becomes Friends with our new Facebook account will be automatically entered into our giveaway of a limited edition print from Sideshow Collectibles depicting their "Terror of Crystal Lake" Jason Voorhees figure. These prints were only given to those customers that purchased the Exclusive version of the statue, so they are indeed in limited numbers. So, that is it. It is that easy. Become Friends with our Facebook account at and your entered.

We will wait until the end of Sunday February 6th to pick the random winner from our Friends on Facebook. If you have any questions about the giveaway, please leave a comment below or send us an email at

Thank you to everyone who has found our website and continued to support it. This is just the beginning everyone. There is much more planned for this year!


  1. Sounds good to me! I like the toolbar below. Great add. I'll check out the videos sometime today!

  2. Sounds great. I'm familiar with the wibiya toolbar and it's a great web tool!

  3. The toolbar should help makethe site more interactive and provide content directly to visitors that would normally not want to leave here to view that information.

    Glad people like it so far!


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