What Could Have Been: John Malcovich and Friday the 13th

I have to say that John Malcovich can play a creepy character without wearing a mask and carrying a machete. However, what if Mr. Malcovich was cast to play Jason Voorhees? What if a new film was written and directed by David Lynch? Or how about Dennis Hopper lending his acting talents to the three decades long franchise? Well, according a poster we just discovered, perhaps it could have worked?

Of course this really would not have happened and we poke fun, but when we recently found the poster that we posted below our thought was that it would be a pretty awesome concept. This poster was created by Sean Hartter and posted at his Blog back in November 2009. The design is brilliant and definitely has a retro feel. He has more of these type of posters lisrted there for all different genres of movies, so check it out if interested. Also, remember, John Malcovich is out there watching.....waiting!