Update On Friday the 13th Blu-Rays And Boxset

I wrote about this very heated subject last Summer and I recently saw a question about this on a forum I visit, so I decided to revisit the situation. The question is, will Paramount release Friday the 13th: The Final Chapter through Friday the 13th Part 8: Jason Takes Manhattan on Blu-Ray? Also, fans want to know if there is going to be that rumored Blu-Ray box set released that was mentioned to be in the works almost two years ago.

Last Summer I was told that Paramount had no intention of releasing Blu-Ray discs for the remaining Friday the 13th films in the immediate future. So, I inquired again and was told the very same thing about the discs, but from the sound of things, I would not rule out a box set of at least the Deluxe Edtion DVD's that were released in 2009. It sounds like a DVD box set might be in the works, but for now Blu-Ray owners will have to sit tight.

A lot of fans skipped out on buying the DVD releases in 2009 as they were anticipating the Blu-Ray availability. I too await the release of these high definition discs, but if you were holding out for Blu, I would suggest getting the DVD for now. For those very patient fans who did not buy the DVD's, this website will have a DVD surprise for you very soon.

We will keep the fans informed of any news about Friday the 13th in high definition when it becomes available!