Jason Slays Santa And His Elves On Friday the 24th!

First off, we want to say Merry Christmas and Happy Holidays to everyone. It is a very hectic time of year for everyone and an especially hectic day on Christmas. There is a lot of stress and frustration that accompany the day and we always need a way to vent. Enter Jason Voorhees and his "special" way of dealing with matters.

Suit up with the hockey mask and machete and enter Santa's world at "North Crystal Ice" to wield some much needed Christmas justice. Pick off those menacing elves that made your presents wrong so many years ago. And finally, let Santa know how you really feel about being left out in the cold when you didn't get Friday the 13th Part 4-8 on Blu-Ray!

Check out the game, 'Friday the 24th', by clicking on the images below to be Jason on Christmas Eve as only he should be portrayed!