Prince Charles Cinema Presents Friday The 13th Screenings This October

Prince Charles Cinema is one of the most enthusiastic Theatres to showcase specialty screenings of classic films. The legendary theater is located in London, England and has showcased numerous franchise marathons in the past few years. Coming this October, they will be running another mini marathon, as well as individual showings of films.

The showings of the Friday The 13th films are part of the HorrorOctober programming for the theater and the Friday The 13th festivities kick off with Jason X! Read on for the different screenings of the films and to purchase tickets.

Wednesday October 11th
Jason X (Digital) Purchase Tickets

Friday October 13th
Friday The 13th 1980 (Digital) Purchase Tickets
Friday The 13th Marathon (Digital) Purchase Tickets

For more about the HorrorOctober films, please visit

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