Another Variety Ad From 1979 Shows Georgetown Productions And Original Friday The 13th

By now, most of our readers have heard about and seen the infamous Variety Ad that Sean Cunningham placed in the trade publication back in July of 1979. The advertisement helped generate buzz and eventually financing to make the first Friday The 13th film. The summer camp set film would go on to shock the film industry, out grossing major studio releases in the process. In the decades since, that ad has become a symbol of the franchise to many fans and film historians. Knowing that, there was another interesting ad placed into Variety three months later, continuing to tout the impending horror release set in the town of Crystal Lake as well as another film that was released in 1979.

Boston investors, including Phil Scuderi formed Georgetown Production to help create new films, and Friday The 13th was next on their list. Below is an ad that not many people have seen before, and was placed in Variety to continue drumming up interest for the film as it was just wrapping up production in Blairstown, New Jersey. Notice the contact information for Georgetown Productions.

The other film advertised on the same page is an Animal House rip-off named King Frat. Interestingly enough, that college themed film was written by Ron Kurz, who would go on to write Friday The 13th Part 2, as well as do uncredited script treatment on Victor Miller's script for the original 1980 film.

Big thank you to Christopher Peroni for sending this into the site.

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