Friday The 13th Spaces Episode 4: Composer And Author Brian Satterwhite Talks New Book About Friday The 13th Music

Friday The 13th Spaces will be be a weekly or bi-weekly live and recorded discussion session using Twitter Spaces where we will talk about topics related to Friday The 13th. Some episodes will be updates on franchise projects, but we will also invite guests to talk about their involvement in past films or their upcoming projects.

For our forth episode, we discuss the music of Friday The 13th with Brian Satterwhite, who has worked on the various CD soundtrack releases of the films through La La Land Records and is currently writing a new book about the music of the Friday The 13th franchise. The book will cover all of the films, as well as the video games released over the years and briefly touch on the syndicated television show that ran for three season in the late 1980's.

We had a great discussion of the scores of the films and some of the history involved. Please take a listen to our Twitter (X) Space conversation by visiting the link below.

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