Friday The 13th Spaces Episode 2: Friday The 13th Video Games And Never Hike Alone 2 Guest Vincente DiSanti

Friday The 13th Spaces will be be a weekly or bi-weekly live and recorded discussion session using Twitter Spaces where we will talk about topics related to Friday The 13th. Some episodes will be updates on franchise projects, but we will also invite guests to talk about their involvement in past films or their upcoming projects.

In our second episode, we talk about the recent video game developments where Gun Interactive announced their license is expiring for Friday The 13th: The Game and Harry Manfredini let it be known a new game is in development with different developers. We also welcome Vincente DiSanti from Womstomp Films to talk about his series of films part of the Never Hike Alone fan film universe and his upcoming sequel Never Hike Alone 2.

Click on the episode below to be taken to Twitter and listen to Friday The 13th Spaces Episode 2 and also check out the crowdfunding campaign for Never Hike Alone 2 to get some perks for the film.

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