Friday The 13th Spaces Episode 3: Discussing Friday The 13th: The Series With Author Alyse Wax

 Friday The 13th Spaces will be be a weekly or bi-weekly live and recorded discussion session using Twitter Spaces where we will talk about topics related to Friday The 13th. Some episodes will be updates on franchise projects, but we will also invite guests to talk about their involvement in past films or their upcoming projects.

For our third episode, we discuss Friday The 13th: The Series with author Alyse Wax, who wrote the book Curious Goods: Behind The Scenes of Friday The 13th The Series. We talk about the genesis of the series and how Paramount decided to put the series into syndication. We also discuss the lack of a Hi-Def release of the three seasons for the show on Blu-Ray. If you would like to listen to the conversation about the show, check out the Twitter link below.

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