Behind The Scenes With Jason Voorhees And Steve Miner In The Barn For Friday The 13th Part 3

 I was going through old photo folders today and found some behind the scenes images from Friday The 13th Part 3 that I do not believe I have ever uploaded to the website. Some of these have made it online over the years, so these may not all be new or unseen to a number of our readers, but I wanted to make sure these have been added for everyone to enjoy.

Below are behind the scenes photos from production on Friday The 13th Part 3, specifically the ending scene where the camera pans down on the defeated Jason Voorhees with the axe in his head, courtesy of Chris Higgins. In these photos you will see actor Richard Brooker as Jason and director Steve Miner observing and advising for the scene. 

These photos were sent to me in 2015 by Billy Kirkus, so I always appreciate him providing these stellar photos for the fans to enjoy!

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