New Behind The Scenes Photos Show Abel And Eyeball Close-up Filming From Friday The 13th Part 3

There were a significant amount of 3-D shots filmed involving eyes in Friday The 13th Part 3. Anything involving the mutilation of a person's eye is always unsettling when watching a horror film, but seeing effects revolving around this in the third dimension can be even more terrifying. With this in mind, the people behind Part 3 set out to take full advantage of the audience's queasiness involving eyes with a number of scenes, the first in the film being Chris Higgins and her friends encountering the new prophet of doom, and Crazy Ralph replacement, Abel. 

After the Chris nearly runs over Abel laying asleep in the middle of a rural road, she and her group of friends get exit their van to see what is going on with the old guy relaxing in the road. After Abel awakens, he thanks them for being kind and generous young people, but then reveals a slimy object that is quickly identified as a human eyeball! The group of friends run back to their van and high tale it out of there. As the van drives past Abel, he shows the eyeball directly into the lens of the camera while spouting, "I have warned thee".

As documented in a number of publications in previous years, filming on Friday The 13th Part 3 was an arduous task, needing numerous takes with different angles to achieve the 3-D effect. Below is a few behind the scenes images discovered on Contact Sheets for the film showing Abel's encounter with the group as well as actor David Wiley displaying the eyeball for the camera. In some of the images below, you can see director Steve Miner among the crew involved in the filming.

Seen in proper 3-D, this is one of many beautiful 3-D images from Part 3. There is more new images we have discovered that we will be sharing in the coming weeks on the site!

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