Big ‘Crystal Lake’ Update: Kevin Williamson And Adrienne King Involved!

We were not able to quite give you that Friday The 13th update yesterday about the Crystal Lake show, but that is because news came late in the evening. At the special screening of Friday The 13th Part 3 last night in Las Angeles, Crystal Lake show runner Bryan Fuller was in attendance and answered questions during a Q&A session. Journalist Eric Goldman was in attendance and dropped some awesome new information about the show on his Twitter account coming from that Q&A.

- Writing begins in two weeks and writers were in attendance at the screening.

- There will be two scores for the show to choose from, the classic Harry Manfredini score and a new score.

- Scream writer Kevin Williamson will be writing an episode.

- Adrienne King will have a recurring role in the show!

- Bryan Fuller pitched 4 seasons and just the one has been ordered so far.

So there you have it, expect a lot more news to come in the following months as the show moves into the writing phase and then eventual casting and filming begins. 

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