New Trailer Drops For ‘Rose Blood: A Friday The 13th Fan Film’

Peter Anthony Productions is ready to bring fans a brand new fan film that will reunite telekinetic sensation Tina Shepard and Dr. Crews (?) in a direct sequel to Friday The 13th Part VII: The New Blood! Rose Blood takes place 13 months after the events of The New Blood and promises a few twists and turns, but our favorite psycho Jason Voorhees is along for the ride once again.

The film is set to release online on October 31, 2021 and the first trailer has dropped today. Check out the first glimpse of Tina, Dr. Crews and the members of the Camp Crystal Lake Research Facility and let us know what you think of this latest fan film!

Before Rose Blood
Ever since homicidal maniac Jason Voorhees got trapped in chains at the bottom of Crystal Lake, the area has been at peace….without a murder. But one of the season’s happy campers has brought along a deadly secret

Tina Shepherd can see the future and levitate objects. Her doctor knows just how dangerous telekinesis can be, but he’s out to exploit her, not help her. And now it is too late. Tina has accidentally unchained Jason from his watery grave and the bloodbath is underway.

Tina’s special powers are her only hope for survival. But what chance does a teenage girl have against an axe-wielding maniac?

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