Sean Cunningham Suing Warner Bros. And Paramount For Lost Profits!

The crazy saga of the Friday The 13th franchise continues in an interesting new twist as The Hollywood Reporter has just posted an interesting story about Sean Cunningham going after the studios that have distributed his past films. The money struggle is real, and this is on top of the current Rights Battle between Sean and Victor Miller. 

According to the article,

Friday the 13th producer Sean Cunningham has launched a new lawsuit over net profits from the horror franchise. According to a complaint filed on Thursday in Los Angeles Superior Court, the studios distributing the films have "systematically misaccounted" contingent compensation.

Cunningham says audits revealed there's been improper deductions of fees and bonuses, undervalued licenses, an underreporting of merchandizing revenue and pay TV income, and on and on.

This is really something to behold as now Sean Cunningham has decided to spend even more time in the courts trying to protect and recoup earnings for the franchise he helped start. With the Rights Battle currently lingering and now this new lawsuit, we may now have to wait even longer to finally see Jason Voorhees on the big (or small) screen once again.

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