Crystal Lake Memories Documentary Returns With Exclusive Bonus Disc Offering!

Dan Farrands helped bring the definitive Friday The 13th documentary to fans in 2013 with Crystal Lake Memories. The comprehensive film helped guide fans through every film in the franchise, and at the time of it’s release, an exclusive bonus disc was offered for a limited time. The disc contained over four hours of interviews that simply could not be included in the actual documentary because the run time would have been longer than a trip from Crystal Lake to Manhattan (if you believe that kind of thing can happen). Now we have some great news for those readers that have been asking to get the exclusive disc.

For a limited time, you can purchase the disc by visiting! Read on for more details.

PRICE: $13  (free shipping within the U.S.)
RUNTIME: 280 minutes

Sale ends September 28th. Grab your copy before it goes back into the Voorhees’ vault!

This is a great opportunity to own some great interviews that lend more insight into the productions of the films that didn’t make the cut for the documentary. Get this disc before it is gone!

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