John M. Stewart Brings Packanack Lodge Back To Life With Stunning Diorama

Friday The 13th Part 2 is largely beloved by the fans of the franchise as well as the horror community. Packanack Lodge is also a huge favorite as the best film location for any Friday The 13th films. Well, for our readers that agree with both of these statements, we have a real treat to share today. John M Stewart and his Korova Art label have created the ultimate Part 2 diorama, complete with Jason Voorhees’ shack!

The latest diorama from John is 27 inches by 20 inches wide and is 12 inches high. This piece is a marvel with intricate detail of the area surrounding the main cabins from the film and the Crystal Lake shore. Check out the numerous photos below to see just how accurate the individual pieces are in the set. And again, there is Jason’s shack!

The lighting of the nighttime scenes are awesome and give this diorama a real cinematic feel. Check out John’s other creations at his site and find more pictures of this unbelievable piece of art as well.

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