Fan Film ‘Voorhees’ Announces 2020 Release Date

Director Cody Faulk and Wet Paint Pictures are ready to show fans their new take on the Friday The 13th mythos. Previous trailers
 have shown what can be expected of Voorhees, and now you can watch the announcement trailer below and look for the film online for free on October 31, 2020

They committed the perfect crime.  They planned for every possibility.  But they never planned for him…

After pulling off the perfect heist a dangerous crew of thieves flee town to the seclusion of the nearby woods. All they have to do is make it through the night so they can get away clean but their sadistic leader has taken them to the long deserted Camp Crystal Lake, a place that is no longer on any maps and for good reason.

Unaware of the locations notorious past the fugitives begin to explore their temporary hideout and soon realize that this place has a very dark and violent history that they are soon about to become part of.

It is a race to morning where the lines between bad and pure evil are blurred and the fight to survive the awakened legend of Camp Crystal Lake is much more than they bargained for. 

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