Stephen King Wants To Write A Jason Voorhees Novel!

The idea of an origin story has been kicked around for many years for the Voorhees family and that almost came to fruition with the cancelled 2017 film that revealed the sorted history of Mr. and Mrs. Vooorhees before Jason would go on his bloody rampages. Author Stephen King offered up his own idea for a new Jason tale last on Twitter where he would like to give Jason’s point of view.

This idea would actually be great, almost like the viewer becoming Jason (i.e. the video game) and reliving all of his greatest stalks, but also his greatest demises. Would you be onboard for a first person Jason Voorhees Friday The 13th story? I think it would be awesome to get a different perspective of the story and it could be an interesting approach to the 40 year old material.

Stephen even goes on to reference the ongoing legal issues the franchise would present.

Would you want to see this type of Jason Voorhees story unfold?

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