Custom Friday The 13th Guitar Represents The Franchise Proudly

We haven’t written enough about fan creations lately, and not just fan films, but unique items that are passion projects outside of bringing Jason back to the screen. We were recently contacted by Mike about his awesome Friday The 13th themed guitar, which took him a number of months to design and create. If you are a guitar enthusiast then this project will definitely interest you!

Mike explains about the guitar:

It took many months to design and make this guitar. The body has a small piece of wood embedded in Kerdi foam board for all the hardware ( pick up, bridge , volume, tone pots and neck to attach to ). I then tiled the entire body and embedded a Jason mask into the front. I took a Jackson guitar logo and removed the c and k to make it say Jason. I took a Camp Crystal Lake enamel pin and used it for the truss rod cover. The neck has skull tuning pegs and 13 skull and crossbone inlays. I put an EMG metal works 81 active pick up in it and the guitar is fully operational and sounds great. I made this out of pure love for the guitar and the franchise.

This is truly epic and it is a pleasure to see fans continuing to keep the franchise alive while we wait for a new movie.

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