Revisit Camp Forest Green With New Fan Film From Allrise Films

Last month director Christopher Greffrath and his brother Bob released their new Friday The 13th Fan Film Camp Forest Green. The film has a group of campers hike to Halloway Haven, a beautiful cabin in Camp Forest Green where they encounter a certain hockey masked resident.

The film definitely finds an 1980’s vibe in the tradition of the original franchise with entertaining characters and good special effects. Jason gets a slightly updated hockey mask which adds a little edge to the character. The best scene in the film is when one would-be victim is making food in the kitchen while listening to music in his headphones while his friends are behind him in the background all fighting Jason.

Visit the Allrise YouTube channel to find more of their short films and also visit their Facebook page for information on current and upcoming projects. Check out the short film below and leave your thoughts in our comment section.

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