Waxwork Records Announces ‘Jason Lives’ Soundtrack On Vinyl For First Time

Waxwork Records has done an glorious job of releasing the first five Friday The 13th films scores on vinyl over the last couple of years and we know that the fans have been anticipating the release of a certain paintball playing psycho from the surging record company. Today they have officially announced Jason Lives: Friday The 13th Part VI!

The vinyl soundtrack will be available tomorrow on Friday The 13th for 
pre-orderIncludes new art by Ghoulish Gary Pullin, deluxe packaging, 180 gram vinyl, and two different vinyl variants to choose from! Keep an eye out for more info as it is released. In the mean time, check out the cover art and variants for the label below. It looks awesome!

As a child, Tommy Jarvis did what many others died trying to do. He killed Jason Voorhees, the mass murderer who terrorized the residents of Crystal Lake. But now, years later, Tommy is tormented by the fear that maybe Jason isn't really dead.

So Tommy and a friend go to the cemetery to dig up Jason's grave. Unfortunately for Tommy, (and very unfortunately for his friend), instead of finding a rotting corpse, they discover a well rested Jason who comes back from the dead for another bloody rampage in Friday The 13th, Part VI: Jason Lives

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