Jason Voorhees Screen-Used Costume And Prosthetics Going Up For Auction

Profiles In History specializes in auctioning off some of Hollywood's most infamous and treasured props and film related items to the public. For those fans and collectors that get excited at the prospect of owning film history, be prepared to purchase these type of items with a good chunk of your disposable income. Many items such as a screen used Friday The 13th machete or hockey mask can cost you thousands of dollars.

Well, for those rabid prop collectors out there, 
Profiles In History is about to auction off a few rare Friday The 13th pieces during September 25th and 26th! Items include Jason Voorhees costume costume pieces and prosthetics from Friday The 13th Part VII: The New Blood and Jason Goes To Hell!

There is a 228 page booklet containing all of the Hollywood film props up for auction, but the Friday The 13th items can be found on page 156 of the booklet. To view all of the items, please visit the 228 Booklet. If you don't want to search the catalog, we have screen captured the Friday The 13th items and posted below!

Kane Hodder “Jason Voorhees” signature costume, hockey mask, and pros- thetics from Jason Goes to Hell:The Final Friday.
Expertly distressed and tattered “Jason Vorhees” costume consisting of a canvas shirt, pants, belt, and leather boots. With original hockey mask and accompanying cast foam latex appliances creating Jason’s characteristic deformed skull and scarred face surrounding the mask. Mounted on a soft sculptured custom body form covered with black velvet. Studio painted in mottled and corpulent flesh tones. Measuring 71 x 29 x 12 in. Exhibiting production wear, age and soiling with cracking and chipping to foam rubber elements. Right hand with no appliances pres- ent. In good condition.This item is located in the Eastern United States and special shipping arrangements will apply. Provenance: Acquired from Kane Hodder. $15,000 - $25,000

Kane Hodder “Jason Voorhees” makeup
bust from Friday the 13th Part VII: The New Blood.
Vintage original life size head and shoulders bust constructed of screen-worn prosthetics applied to a polyfoam bust with prosthetic breast and back plate featuring exposed bone and viscera. Expertly finished and painted in decayed earth tones with yellow-ing teeth and dressed in tattered shirt with signature plas-tic chain around the neck, which once anchored “Jason’s” (Hodder) decomposing body to the floor of Crystal Lake. A replica hockey mask has been added for display. Exhibiting cracking, peeling and some foam latex deterioration. Measuring 24 x 14 x 25 in.The impressive bust exhibits production wear with deterioration to some surfaces and interior rubber. In vintage good condition. $1,500 - $2,500

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