Camp Blood V Showing 'Part 3' And 'Jason Goes To Hell' On 35mm

Being able to watch the classic Friday The 13th films on the big screen in theaters is a great nostalgic trip to the heyday of the franchise. Last Summer, Exhumed Films presented Camp Blood IV, an all weekend drive-in theater experience showcasing some of the classic horror/slasher films from the 1980's. This Summer, they are back with Camp Blood V for which fans have the opportunity to revisit Camp Crystal Lake on 35mm at an actual Drive-In theater in Lehighton, Pennsylvania!

Here it is, campers! The horror movie event of the summer that you’ve been waiting all year for! Exhumed Films and the Mahoning Drive-In Theater present Camp Blood V on August 23 & 24! It’s time for the giant outdoor screen to run red with more slasher movie mayhem on 35mm, and this year we have an extra film and a VERY special guest: 80’s horror movie icon Jill Schoelen! Jill will be selling merchandise, signing autographs and meeting fans before, during and in-between movies on Saturday night!

As usual, we’ll have our pre-movie Camp Blood games, incredible limited edition event tees and posters by Justin (Haunt Love) Miller, vintage slasher movie trailers before each film, raffles, prizes and DiabolikDVD and Garagehouse Pictures tables set up in the snack bar! This is an event that no horror movie fan would want to miss!


Night One: Friday, August 23:

FRIDAY THE 13TH PART 3 (1982) - Jason Voorhees is back to punish another assortment of unwary campers who unluckily decide to spend their vacation at Camp Blood! This is a 2D presentation.
MOTEL HELL (1980) - It takes all kinds of critters to make Farmer Vincent fritters. Checking in is easy, but checking out is hell for a series of unsuspecting travelers in this brilliantly tasty dark horror comedy!

PROM NIGHT (1980) - A killer waits at the high school dance. If you’re not home by midnight... you won’t be coming home! Jamie Lee Curtis follows up the seminal HALLOWEEN with this Canadian-produced slasher film classic also starring Leslie Nielsen.

Friday’s pre-movie Camp Blood games will begin at approx. 7pm, featuring the Camp Crystal Lake Body Bag Race, the Jason Vs. Farmer Vincent Tug O’War, an Eye Ball Toss, the Guess the Killer Thriller trailer contest and more to be announced! Participate in the games and win some amazing prizes!

Night Two: Saturday, August 24:
***80’s “scream queen” Jill Schoelen in attendance!!!***

THE STEPFATHER (1987) - A recently remarried widow (Shelley Hack) and her teenage daughter (Jill Schoelen) soon discover that the new man in the family isn’t all he appears to be in this tense thriller from from a story by Brian (DEATH WISH) Garfield and Donald (POINT BLANK) Westlake!

POPCORN (1991) - An all-night horror movie marathon is haunted by a disfigured killer madman in this nostalgic 90’s terror fan favorite! Starring Jill Schoelen, Dee Wallace and Tom Villard.

JASON GOES TO HELL: THE FINAL FRIDAY (1993) - They thought this would be the last entry in the series, but of course they were wrong! This sequel suggests a link between THE EVIL DEAD franchise and FRIDAY THE 13TH, and reveals Jason’s supernatural origins! Can the last surviving member of the Voorhees family end Jason’s bloody reign of terror?

Bonus movie: CUTTING CLASS (1989) - Since it is not often we have horror movie royalty in attendance, here’s another entry starring Jill Schoelen (and also Brad Pitt and Roddy McDowall) to round out Camp Blood V and shred what is left of your nerves! A killer is loose dispatching high schoolers... Could it be one of Paula Carson’s young suitors or someone else?

Saturday’s pre-movie Camp Blood games will begin at approx. 7pm, featuring a Scream Contest, the Team Jason Vs. Team Schoelen Tug O’ War, a Three-Legged Race, the Guess the Killer Thriller trailer contest and more to be announced! Participate in the games and win some amazing prizes!

Tickets on sale NOW!
Overnight Passes are available at the box office night-of-show for an additional $10!