Trailer And Release Info For New Friday The 13th Fan Film 'Here Comes The Night'

It is not a stretch to say that 2019 is a huge year for Friday The 13th fan films. The lack of studio films being released that past ten years, and a long standing legal battle over the rights of the franchise have left our readers and the entire fan-base thirsty for more Jason Voorhees and Crystal Lake. There are already two fan films debuting on September 13th, and now another film is joining their release!

Read on for information on the new film Here Comes The Night: A Friday The 13th Fan Film!

The official premier for the full length trailer of the new Friday the 13th fan film: “Here Comes The Night”, which is produced by Eternity Productions. The short film will be released on YouTube on September 13, 2019

"We are pleased to share the first look into our Friday the 13th fan film.  The trailer is drenched in the 80's, and is a big part of why we love Friday the 13th, and classic slasher films."

The film stars Sarah K Wolf, Jason Kays, Michael Mills, and Tim Haag. Produced by Jason Kays, while directed by Tim McCormack. The script is the work of Tim McCormack and Jason Kays.

'Here Comes the Night' is a fan film set in the original universe of the Friday the 13th movies, and a love letter to the franchise. The film was produced for just under $2,000, and shot over the course of 2 weekends. This was possible because of the cast and crew, who donated their time and resources to make the project come alive.