Ranking The Franchise: Top 3 Best Death Scenes In 'Friday The 13th 2009'

Our Ranking The Franchise series continues today as we have decided to put together our Top 3 Best death scenes in Friday The 13th 2009! This was a hard list to work out as there are a number of memorable death scenes in this film. Our readers may or may not agree with our rankings, but the newest film in the franchise contains a number of great death scenes that could be ranked higher than what we have listed below.

3. Chewie Regrets Completing Jason's Outfit

One of the more interesting aspects of Friday The 13th 2009 is that the majority of the brutal kills were inflicted upon the males in the film. One of the biggest points of contention for the franchise in the 1980's was the gruesome acts of violence against women. The late film reviewers Siskel and Ebert were notorious for their open campaigns against the Friday The 13th films and the acts of violence towards the female characters. Well, our Top 3 death scenes in the newest film are all lead by male characters and Chewie's scene was definitely cringe worthy.

After Chewie breaks Trent's "family heirloom" while attempting a flaming shot of alcohol, he goes outside to the shed to find tools to fix the object. While inside the shed, he finds a hockey stick and begins mimicking a hockey player. Out of nowhere, Jason Voorhees appears and Chewie offers the hockey stick to complete his outfit. Jason lunges after Chewie, who begins to run away, but he gets trapped up against a tool board. Chewie then grabs a screw driver to stab Jason, but the hockey masked killer turns the screw driver back towards the would-be victim and slowly slides the tool into his throat for a prolonged death.

This is an excruciating kill to watch and is by far the most unsettling death to witness in the film.

2. He Can't Be Hunting For Bear

Another gruesome death was afforded to the character Richie in the film. Not only did he have to endure the agony of having his leg caught in a bear trap (There are no bears in the region, right?), but then Jason finishes him off in classic fashion.

During the prologue of the film, the first group of friends have settled in to camp in the Crystal Lake region for the night. Whitney and Mike have gone off to explore the old Camp Crystal Lake and Wade has already been killed by Jason in the forest. After Richie and his girlfriend Amanda have their sexual escapades interrupted by noises outside of their tent, Richie goes out to investigate. While he is gone from tent, Jason grabs Amanda and hangs her in a sleeping bag above the camp fire. Richie returns back to the group's camp to see Amanda on fire and runs to help her. As he approaches the fire, his leg gets clamped down on by a bear trap. Richie is writhing in pain when suddenly, Whitney returns to the group's camp after escaping Jason at Camp Crystal Lake. As she tries to free Richie, Jason appears, runs towards Richie and slams his machete directly into his head!

1. Don't Ever Touch Mrs. Voorhees' Head!

The opening of Friday The 13th 2009 presented not only the longest prologue of any Friday The 13th film in the franchise, but must have come close to being the longest of any film in motion picture history. Because of the length of the prologue, writers Damian Shannon and Mark Swift were able to introduce fun, but easily disposable characters while revisiting the classic scene of the discovery of Mrs. Voorhees' head before entering into the actual story of the film. The discovery of Jason's shrine to his mother Mrs. Voorhees delivers our number one death scene in the film.

As Whitney and Mike explore the old Camp Crystal Lake, they stumble upon an old house that contains items that time has seemed to have forgotten, including a bed with the name Jason carved into the headboard. The couple eventually find their way into a bathroom with numerous candles lit around the bathtub and a curious hole in the wall. Of course, Mike sees something in the hole and reaches into grab what he sees. Unknowingly, Mike grabs the mummified and decapitated head of Mrs. Voorhees and promptly drops it into the bath tub. Suddenly, the bathroom door slams shut and footsteps are heard outside the room. Mike leans down at the foot of the door to listen for more noises when suddenly a large machete is thrust upwards through the wooden floor, almost hitting Mike's face. As he crawls away from the door, the machete stabs him through the hand as well as his foot. As Whitney stands in the bath tub, Jason breaks through the wooden floor and grabs Mike, stabbing him again. He is eventually pulled under the floor, while Whitney watches in horror.

There are many fan favorite death scenes within the film, but these three stand out to us. What are your favorites and how does out list compare to yours?

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