Watch The 35th Anniversary 35mm Presentation Of ‘The Final Chapter’ This July

There is a great opportunity to watch one of the best Friday The 13th films in the franchise at a theatrical screening soon and what better way to celebrate the Summer season than to see Friday The 13th: The Final Chapter! Not only do fans have the opportunity to see young Tommy Jarvis take out Jason Voorhees, but you get to watch the film during it’s 35th anniversary!

Don't miss this chance to see the hiherto carefree teenagers party next door to the Jarvis family! Screamfest’s Fears and Beers presents a 35mm screening of the 

Q&A with director Joseph Zito and other cast to be announced. The presentation will be moderated by Brian Collins of Birth.Movies.Death following the 7:30 pm show on Saturday, 7/27 at the Ahrya Fine Arts. Tickets are $16.00 and include a complimentary beer for guests 21+.

Go buy your tickets now!
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