Update In Friday The 13th Rights Battle: New Mandatory Phone Mediation Scheduled

The ongoing saga of the rights battle for the Friday The 13th franchise has experienced many interesting turns after Horror Inc filed in October 2018 to block writer Victor Miller from gaining the rights to the original Friday The 13th film. Since that time, the original appeal to the courts findings was withdrawn, with some speculation that a settlement might be forthcoming. Towards the end of March, entertainment and copyright lawyer Larry Zerner made it known that an April 12th deadline was in affect for Sean and Horror Inc. to file to reinstate their appeal if necessary. We all wondered if a reinstatement would actually happen and, unfortunately, it did.

Reported by Eriq Gardner, Senior Editor of The Hollywood Reporter, Horror Inc. did reinstate their appeal on Friday April 12th. Since that time, Victor Miller and Horror Inc. participated in a phone conference on May 5th, and have now been ordered to phone mediation on May 23rd. Read on for the details via a tweet by Larry Zerner.

This a meeting that is mandatory for mediation, but I wonder if anything will come out of this? Hopefully a third party mediator can force a settlement to everyone’s liking.

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