Watch New Documentary That Commemorates The Late Steve Dash

This past December, the Friday The 13th family lost Jason Voorhees actor Steve Dash and an enormous number of fans paid their respects online with articles, blogs, and social media posts. As a nice tribute to a man that gave back to so many people who adored his career, Slash N Cast and Retro Redux Entertainment, produced a fitting documentary film to Steve.

You can now watch this memorial documentary that gives a bit of insight into a man that served his country in the armed forces and then as a New York cop, and then eventually found his way into motion pictures!
Please view the documentary below and take in the many touching stories of a franchise legend.

Featuring Interviews with: 
Steve Dash Jr.
Kane Hodder
C.J. Graham
Julia Valenti
Jason Brooks
Peter Anthony
Dustin Montierth
Jeremy Brown 

Footage Courtesy of: 
Friday the 13th Vengeance
The Daskawisz Family
Nightmare Nerd 

Edited by Riley Lorden 
Produced by Peter Anthony
Associate Producer Nic Christian 

In Coordination with Peter Anthony Productions
In Association with Slash 'N Cast & Retro Redux Entertainment 

In Loving Memory of Steve Dash

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