Resident Evil 2 Game Mod Delivers Savini's Hell Jason!

For Friday The 13th: The Game, Tom Savini's Hell Jason is one of the most sought after versions of the character to play as ever since the game was released a few years ago. Hell Jason was an exclusive perk for those people who backed the game during its crowd funding campaign prior to the game's release. Many fans have been pining for a way to play as this incarnation of the character and now a modder has brought the character alive for Resident Evil 2.

As mentioned on Games Radar, Hell Jason has taken the place of Resident Evil's Mr. X:

The breakout character of the Resident Evil 2 remake is undoubtedly the Mr. X tyrant. Mr. X’s tendency to relentlessly stalk Leon and Claire throughout the Raccoon City Police Department has helped him become his own meme, as players find him both hilarious and frightening. Modders have had some fun with Mr. X as well, swapping the hulking character out for other pop culture icons.

....... Jason Voorhees mod actually feels pretty natural, as the infamous Camp Crystal Lake killer already acts like Mr. X. Just like Mr. X, Jason slowly pursues his victims, he doesn’t talk, and he is a large, imposing figure, so he feels right at home in Resident Evil 2.

Check out some of the game play footage of the Hell Jason Mod below.

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