Friday The 13th Rights Battle Now Heading To Phone Mediation

The ongoing saga of the rights battle for the Friday The 13th franchise had an interesting turn last month as the appeal that Horror Inc filed in October 2018 to block writer Victor Miller from gaining the rights to the original Friday The 13th film was dismissed, leading many people (including me) to believe that a deal was near completion between Sean Cunningham and Victor. Since that time, there has been no deal, but a few days ago it was made known by Larry Zerner that an April 12th deadline was looming for Sean and Horror Inc to refile their appeal. Now, the a new wrinkle has been added to the litigation.

Larry has posted that a phone mediation has now been scheduled:
I really like the CAMP acronym used in the document. How appropriate! It now looks like the earliest we could hear word of any kind of resolution is sometime in May.
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