Meet Jason Voorhees Performer Glenn Ennis This September

New Line Cinema did not want their main guy portraying Jason, Ken Kirzinger, to be injured throughout the production of the film and decided to enlist the help of fellow stuntman Glenn Ennis to assist in some of the more dangerous scenes of Freddy vs Jason. Ken Kirzinzer has laughed at that idea while discussing his role in past interviews, expressing the silliness of hiring a stuntman to protect another stuntman from injury. Nonetheless, Glenn portrayed Jason Voorhees in a number of scenes throughout the production of Freddy vs Jason with the most notable being the rave scene with Jason on fire!

Glenn has only attended one convention previously, but now is the first chance for fans of the film to meet with and discuss his role as Jason in the Freddy vs Jason.

Come out to see Glenn at Creature Feature Weekend the weekend of August 30 - September 1, 2019. For more details, check out the show’s website
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