Watch The Behind The Scenes Documentary Of Friday The 13th Fan Film 'Never Hike Alone'

Over a year ago, Friday The 13th fans were treated to the ultimate fan film, Never Hike Alone. The project caught fire during it's initial run on Youtube in October 2017. With over 650,000 views and growing, Never Hike Alone has already found itself placed among the official list of films by many fans.

Womp Stomp Films recently released a 30 minute behind the scenes documentary about the making of the fan film, which is definitely a must watch for the Ghost Hock loving fans of the film. You can watch the film itself by clicking on the banner in the sidebar on our page and watch the behind the scenes video below.

The film finds an adventure hiker named Kyle, who accidentally stumbles into the remains of the old Camp Crystal Lake. While exploring the camp, Kyle discovers its long, dark secret and his survival skills are put to the test like never before as he encounters Jason Voorhees.

Produced By: Womp Stomp Films
Directed By: Vincente DiSanti
Written By: Vincente DiSanti

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