That Time John Waters’ Part 6 Production Hockey Mask Was Stolen From His Porch

Owning props used on-screen from any of the Friday The 13th films is a dream come true for any fan, but owning a hockey mask is the highest honor. There are a number of collectors that are lucky enough to own these masks today, but the story of filmmaker John Waters’ journey of obtaining, losing, and eventually recovering his gifted hockey mask is truly entertaining.

In the late 1980’s, Waters received a Jason Lives: Friday The 13th Part VI hockey mask from franchise producer Frank Mancuso, Jr., and it was intended as a Christmas gift for Waters’ longtime friend Dennis Dermody (right of Waters in image). On December 22, 1989, however, the mask was stolen from his front porch of all places and the police were notified of the theft.

After a few days, Waters eventually received a call from the police department that had retrieved the mask from a nearby mailbox. “I think it was a prank thing,” says the legendary director, who listed the value of the mask as “Priceless” on the original police report. Said Waters, “There was a frat house next door to me, and when the story got in the papers, they must have freaked out. So they slipped it in a mailbox and anonymously called the cops. But there had been a rash of letter bombs at the time, so the police had to dismantle the whole mailbox just to get the mask out.”

The mask was eventually given to his friend Dermody and all was right in the world once again. This is just another twisted tale of Jason Voorhees in the world of Hollywood, but a word of caution as well. Remember, don’t leave your film prop mask from one of the most recognizable characters in the world on your front porch. Someone is probably going to take it.