Scarewear Productions Made Ted Dead And Then Resurrect Him For 'The Final Chapter'

Friday The 13th fans love to collect items from the franchise and what could be better than replicas of the hockey masks Jason wears in the films or of the likeness of the slasher himself? Well, our attention was recently pointed towards a company called Scarewear Productions that not only creates wearable masks of Jason Voorhees, but resin display busts as well.

Some of Scarewear's work is truly remarkable and if you can afford to throw some of your disposable income their way, you can own some of the nicest looking Jason Voorhees busts in the community today. Today I wanted to spotlight one of the best Jason Voorhees Sculpts from Friday The 13th: The Final Chapter I have ever seen.

The Dead Ted and Resurrect Ted resin busts are full of spectacular detail and show two versions of the character from the fourth film in the franchise that are a must own for all fans, Both of these busts can be ordered by messaging the company through their Facebook Page and the cost is normally around $325. Check out the images of the busts below and let us know if you would like to have these part of your collection.

Resurrect Ted

Dead Ted

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