Japanese Company Takes Over As Lead Developer For Friday The 13th: The Game

Although new content will no longer be created for Friday The 13th: The Game, there will be continued support for improving game play and fixing bugs and other issues. It was announced today that Gun Media’s development partner, Illfonic, will be stepping aside from the game and Black Tower Studios will be taking on full time duty in game support.

Illfonic has been with the game from the absolute beginning and we all have a great appreciation for their work in bringing Crystal Lake to life in the video game. Read on below about the transition of lead development.

Black Tower Studios will take the lead to work on bugs and continue improving the overall player experience. As such, now that work on Dedicated Servers is complete, IllFonic will transition away from development of Friday the 13th: The Game, while Black Tower Studios will be picking it up. Black Tower Studios have worked with IllFonic for over a year on content and maps for Friday the 13th: The Game, and we are confident in their ability to continue supporting the game. Examples include assisting in the creation of Pinehurst and Jarvis House maps. IllFonic will be moving on to different projects that are better suited to a full team.

About Black Tower Studios: Black Tower Studios is located in Tokyo, Japan. Comprised of industry veterans from around the world, developers at Black Tower Studios have worked on a variety of AAA titles across multiple publishers.

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