Blumhouse Has Attempted To Get Rights To Make New Friday The 13th Film Numerous Times!

As fans continue to hold on for what seems like a prolonged rights battle between writer Victor Miller and Sean Cunningham, a brand new Halloween film will be hitting theaters this October. Blumhouse Productions is producing the film for Universal Pictures and with the tremendous track record of critical and box office success of the company, fans of that franchise are very excited to see Michael Myers back on the big screen.

I have always been a big believer in Blumhouse producing a Friday The 13th film and have hoped for a number of years they would get the opportunity to do so. Founder Jason Blum participated in a Twitter AMA today and was forthcoming with the fact that he has attempted to  get the rights to make a Friday The 13th film numerous times.

When Paramount got the rights to the franchise back for five years, Blumhouse tried to produce a new film with the company, but nothing ever materialized of a potential partnership. So what do Friday The 13th fans think of Blumhouse taking the reigns of the franchise in a new film? We know one thing, the film would be very profitable!
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